Åhus is also famous for hosting one of the largest beach handball tournaments in the world with approximately 20,000 participants.The factory was bought by another company, and ice-cream is now made and sold under the name Ingman Glass.

Boende åhus

måltiderna. Hör av er så känner ni att vi talar samma språk Orientering, simning, handboll, cykel, bowling, triahtlon, fotboll, ishockey, motorsport är några av våra idrotter. Har du några

Place in Skåne, Sweden Åhus is the second largest locality in, kristianstad Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden with 9,423 inhabitants in 2010, 1 but the number triples during the summer due to tourists who come seeking the beaches and nature of the.Houses in Åhus, references edit, external links edit Åhus - Tourist site.Barumsvägen 255, 290 34 Fjälkinge, Sweden).

Another ice cream factory in Skåne.In 2011, in the village.