To take the chance of; dare.Notorious: Why Is There A Difference?

Adventure zone uppsala

of activity arena for children, young people and adults. Flip N Out Xtreme, henderson, Nevada, las Vegas, Nevada Featuring lazer tag warehouse wars, zipline, ninja warrior course, trampolines

To risk or hazard.Related content, related words exploit, feat, trip, experience, scene, peril, happening, undertaking, jeopardy, incident, hazard, endangerment, chance, venture, enterprise, contingency, speculation, occurrence, emprise Nearby words adventitious, adventitious cyst, adventitious root, adventive, adventively, adventure playground, adventure racing, adventure tourism, adventurer, adventuresome Origin of adventure 120050; Middle.Grenfell: Knight-Errant of the North Fullerton Waldo When he awoke the sun was already up, and he hastened to leave the scene of last night's adventure.

Verb (used without object adventured, adventuring.Barrows Our next time up after our Christmas Day experiences were full of incident and adventure.