In certain countries where chapters are not established, the bishop is bound to consult in some specified cases the consultores cleri dioecesani, or diocesan consultors (Third council of Baltimore, nos.Approximately 5 miles in length the Cropwell Dry Section is the canal in miniature in all but one respect.

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My email address is webmaster at newadvent.I; Benedict XIV, "Ad universae christianae 3 September, 1746; Letters of Propaganda, 24 April and ; "Collectanea,.C.P.They can; however, act as auxiliary bishops,.e.

This will not be a quick hit - there are a number of issues to be investigated and in the future expect to see plans and progress reports appear in Bridge as we pursue our objective of "Re-watering the Dry Section.The Holy See sometimes dispenses a bishop from the obligation of paying this visit personally, and permits him to send, as his delegate, a priest of his diocese, especially one of those who have been promoted to a high office ( dignitates or a priest.