Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (clas).Educate and train governance, leadership, and workforce in culturally and linguistically appropriate policies and practices on an ongoing basis.

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Akceptuję, nie akceptuję, wyrażam zgodę na przekazywanie przez Ariston Thermo Polska.Engagement, Continuous Improvement, and Accountability, establish culturally and linguistically appropriate goals, policies, and management accountability, and infuse them throughout the organization's planning and operations.U z 2014.

Home, cLAS, cLAS Standards, the National clas Standards are intended to advance health equity, improve quality, and help eliminate health care disparities by establishing a blueprint for health and health care organizations to: Principal Standard, provide effective, equitable, understandable, and respectful quality care and services.Advance and sustain organizational governance and leadership that promotes clas and health equity through policy, practices, and allocated resources.Governance, Leadership and Workforce.