A b c d HP 50g / 49g / 48gII graphing calculator advanced user's reference manual (AUR) (2.).12 Definitions edit ln ( a ) illustrated as the area under the curve f ( x ) 1/ x from 1.Acronym, definition, lN, lane, lN, lincoln (postcode, United Kingdom lN, loan, lN, last Name, lN, light Novel, lN, line Number, lN, line to Neutral, lN, like New, lN, logarithm (Natural lN, liaison, lN, lotus Notes, lN, lymph Node, lN, laguna Niguel (California city).
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The connection between area and the arcs of circular and hyperbolic functions demonstrates the naturalness of this logarithm.For finding the value of y to give exp( y ) x 0 using Halley's method, or equivalently to give exp( y /2) x exp( y /2) 0 using Newton's method, the iteration simplifies to y_n1y_n2cdot frac x-exp(y_n)xexp(y_n) which has cubic convergence to ln (.

Doi :.1007/ _28.Graph of the natural logarithm function.