Demographic decline forced the cities to abolish the status of metic and bestow citizenship; in 228 BC, Miletus enfranchised over 1,000 Cretans.It can also mean a body of citizens.For other uses, see, polis (disambiguation).

Hemmafest polis

första gången. Ja, ett svärd har herren, det dryper av blod och är dränkt i fett, i lamms och bockars blod, i fett ifrån vädurars njurar; ty herren anställer

Many of a polis' citizens lived in the suburbs or countryside.Archaic and Classical Greek Coins.During the Roman era, some cities were granted the status of a polis, or free city, self-governed under the Roman Empire.

According to Plato, there are five main economic classes of any polis : producers, merchants, sailors/shipowners, retail traders, and wage earners."The Durability and Decline of Democracy in Hellenistic Poleis." Mnemosyne.4-5: 771-786.