EnglishAnd you can have anything in that room, anything you want, but you can't see anything.EnglishNow we know room air is gloriously free, it is abundant, and it's already 21 percent oxygen.Cambridge English Corpus, the use of churches as public prayer rooms, not sacramental fora, began at once.

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Cambridge English Corpus, robotization of finishing operations is impossible without developing compact and mobile designs of special-purpose robots permitting the movement of the equipment between rooms.EnglishSo you'd think, with all this extra space, we'd have plenty of room for all our stuff.So this room, more than any other room in the state, represents our potential for an economic recovery.

American, business, examples, examples of room, these examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.A special room was provided for imprisoned officers.That made more room for training and for studies.