To this group belong Harar saga og Hólmverja and Droplaugarsona saga.In writing these sagas, Sturla used written documents as source material and, like Abbot Karl before him, also relied on the accounts of eyewitnesses.

Weekly Comic Book Review.48 Upsher and Doff Upsher and Doff are a tabloid journalist and photographer, respectively, from the planet Jetsam, who work for a tabloid called The Hebdomadal, 33 and who are also lovers.Zawisza, Doug (May 16, 2012).

The legendary sagas are essentially romantic literature, offering an idealized picture of the remote past, and many of them are strongly influenced by French romance literature.13 She developed a friendship with him and when she learned he was to be transferred to a more brutal prison from which detainees never return, she helped him escape, 37 just twelve hours after having met him.By the end of the story, Hazel has begun to walk, and Upsher and Doff have been silenced by contract killer The Brand, The Will's sister, using a substance that will kill them if they report their findings about the family to anyone else.