Cambridge English Corpus, the most recent census reports should enable us to establish the differential migration rates to towns and cities.The town now lay in ruins.Cambridge English Corpus, at the other end of the scale, however, the league of towns might perhaps be considered as a particular form of grand fraternity.

Upper town göteborg

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Örebro town

Rebel leader Engelbrekt in front of Örebro City Hall Lindhska Bookstore in central Örebro Centralpalatset, at the corner of Storgatan, one of Örebro's main streets Culture edit Swedish Chamber

People who live in small towns often have to work in the nearest cities.Cambridge English Corpus, the annual death toll went in both towns from less than 5,000 burials per annum around 1600 to around 20,000 in the 1670s.Cambridge English Corpus, a claim of dominion was used, in turn, to legitimise the town's right to call on the indigenous population for labour service.

He tore off into town.The town takes immense pride in recent achievements.Coal town One is a steel town, another a coal town, and one is a town made up of a number of very small industries.