Jog trot das Traben kein.The hindquarters must be engaged for it to be properly performed.Working trot or Trot : The stride length (note: some breeds have naturally varied strides) is "normal" for the horse and is the natural trot of the horse when under saddle.

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Two-point position also requires a good amount of strength in the rider's legs.Slow trot (harness) or Road gait (roadster Is slower than a working trot, but faster than a jog trot.When the rising trot is performed correctly, it is comfortable for the rider and easy on the horse.

Collected trot : A very engaged trot where most of the horse's weight is carried toward the hindquarters.Therefore, at most speeds above a jog, especially in English riding disciplines, most riders post to the trot, rising up and down in rhythm with the horse to avoid being jolted.The Passage (rhymes with "massage is an exaggerated slow motion trot.