What You Birth Month Say About You


Each month has its own traits and attributes for the respective people who have their birthdays in that month. There is something to learn for everyone. The birth month speaks a lot about an individual’s nature and personality. Let’s find out in this article.


People born in January are ruled by the desire to be number one. They are fiercely competitive, ambitious and love taking command over tasks. The natives of this month are also quite warm and compassionate. They are good at building networks for their professional life. They are outgoing, social and good with money. Their sensible attitude towards spending money keeps them stable. They have a strong opinion about various nuances of life and most likely voice it out. At work front, they love challenges and never put their work as second. One can say they are workaholics. To release stress, they either love binge eating or shopping.


People born in February are old school romantics. Can’t help it, as Feb is also the month to celebrate love. Such people like to keep themselves surrounded by their friends. They value commitments and cherish loving relationships. Individuals born in this month can also be quite needy when it comes to emotions but need to learn how to express them. February birthdates people spend time with their family to reduce stress and anxiety. When hurt, they can go quiet and will sulk alone till they are ready to face the world again. They are people who love social harmony and like to lead a balanced life.

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Natives of March are quite reserved and introverted. Their emotions are quite unpredictable. They can be pumped up one day and the next moment they could feel low. Creativity, sensitivity and kindness are their strengths and they wear it on their sleeves. When they are overwhelmed by emotions, they like to be left alone. Other times they express it through art. People born in March love to uplift people socially. They can excel at journaling, cooking, counselling, writing, social works, doodling etc. Once in a while they love to get pampered and are suckers for love and harmony.


People born in April love to be at the centre of stage. They do not like to lose to anyone and hate being dominated. Fitness freaks and enthusiasts, they can inspire anyone to keep fit. They love gaining knowledge and believe in sharing the learning experience. They are quite straightforward and do not believe in mincing or sugar -coating their words. They serve you the truth in a raw form. They make excellent teachers. They care for outer appearance and mostly end up being egoistical as a result. They are however grounded and do not let criticism bother them. They like to involve themselves in household chores or decluttering their room to relieve stress.

They have a charismatic personality. Often come across as stubborn as they find it difficult to digest other’s opinion or point of view. They believe in the idea of a home to revive their mental peace.


Those born in May are filled with hope and positivity. They spread optimism wherever they go. The month of May is a time of new beginnings. A lot of musicians, actors and artists are born in this Month. People born in May cannot work in a fixed schedule, they need flexibility. Flexibility is good for their creative expression as ideas flow naturally to them then. This is why they find it difficult to thrive in a desk job. Their desires or opinions are also prone to change, like their nature.

They can be quite spontaneous and are always up for travelling. This is how they release their stress. They are natural lie-detectors and can easily see through one’s shallowness or lies. So, it’s a good idea to not try and fool them. They have no time for drama and prefer their alone time over social space. They work hard to create a balance between their personal life and professional. They make good therapists, law enforcers, psychologists, artists, writers, entertainers -etc. A word of caution to their friends and lovers — do not keep a secret from them.

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June ushers in summers and reminds us of family holidays and family time. People born in June are born with the natural instinct of being parents of their peers and make great parents. They are great listeners and story tellers. People like to confide in them and are comfortable in sharing their deepest fears. The natives of this month also have great leadership qualities and are good at maintaining a healthy work life balance. Often they come across as controlling and they need to take care of this habit. Because of their kind nature, people can take advantage of them. They can go that extra mile in their relationships.


People born during the month of July are adventurous, humorous, smart and independent. They are good at sarcasm and are quite entertaining. They are drawn towards nature and love their solitude. One can call them loners but they actually love their solitude. They take huge interest in spirituality and philosophy. Natural overthinkers, they often try to find a harmony between spiritual and intellectual reasoning to any cause. They can be quite moody and are sensitive in nature. Great at solving mysteries, they often try to solve the puzzles in their life as well. They constantly seek answers to their problems.


People born in the month of August are born leaders. They are individuals who can inspire people with their words of wisdom. People born in August are quite strong, grounded and hard working. They sweat a lot to bring professional accomplishments and do not mind to push themselves further. They like to make their own choices, be it professional or personal. They do not like taking advice or suggestion from others. One can say these people are workaholics and this is their biggest challenge. Due to this nature, they often find a tough time to create a healthy work-life balance.

They can also be quite stubborn and judgemental in their opinions. August born make great bosses and have high work ethics. They hate lies and it can upset them a great deal. Such people are also quite critical of themselves are cautious of their self-image.

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September is the month which is the beginning of a new season. People born in September undergo transitions and transformations throughout their life. The Nine’s love to help people and have their heart in the right place. September born are go-getters and can quickly climb the ladder to success. They are quite practical, grounded and have an eye-for-detail. This is why they are appreciated at work-front. Absolutely organized, neat-freaks and workaholics, they have a hard time maintaining a healthy balance. They find it difficult to ask people for help. They find meaning and content in their work and love it when they do something they want. Living from paycheck-to-paycheck isn’t their idea of happiness.


October born are extrovert, social creatures, intuitive and creative. They are also good with words and have a way around with everyone. They are relentless workers and have a great sense of humour. Such people are also quite kind and can do anything for their friends. Money is secondary to them when it comes to friendship. People born in October have great sense of fashion and can make great fashionistas and turn heads around with their presence. They love family time as equally as they love to spend time with their friends. They love art and literature and are happy when they do something creative.

October birthdates make excellent designers, teachers, stylists, politicians, lawyers and entertainers.


People born in November are just like the season awaiting for spring. They are mysterious, secretive, empaths and givers. They tend to guard everything that is close to them and cherish their privacy. November born can be social but they are wary of who they let in their circle. They can have many acquaintances but a handful of close friends.

People are very comfortable in sharing their darkest secrets as they are not judgemental. They are carers and givers and often invest their energy to heal others. This can tire them if they aren’t careful. They do not like needy, controlling or nagging people as partners. November born can make good detectives as they can sense lies and fake people from afar. They have great intuitive powers and often trust their gut feeling. They excel in the creative field.

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December is a month of merriment and celebration. People born under this month also tend to be jovial and happy-go-lucky. They are full of compassion and love. They value family ties but crave for independent living.

They can be both focused and fun depending on the situations. Quite dedicated and focused in life, they have great ethics in life. These people are quite competitive in nature and are the risk takers. They need to find a balance and a way to relax their competitive streak. They do not bother much for living by the book or rules. They like to take life as it is.

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